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    Problem sleeping with hubby snoring

    Hi Used to have a nasal strip sold in Guardian and Watson which is really helpful. However, they no longer sell it there nowadays. Brand is breathe right. Read that some of you mentioned nasal spray, what kinda nasal spray adid u guys try? Believe the last option is through the real doc...
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    Melt Belly Fats Naturally

    Hi Can tell more? Is it through exercise? Or through diets? If it is thru medical means, better to double check the medications/ supplements in details. Cheers!
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    Induction hob vs Gas

    Happy New Year all!! Great share!! To me, induction hob is more of a safety thing~ With kids and senior citizens in the house, fires will be of minimum risk. Of course, theres always debates that the food cooked by gas stove tastes better etc but there is no diff to me :P
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    BTO Transfer of Ownership

    Happy New Year!! Sorry to hear that! But i do not think HDB will allow this~ U have to forfeit your downpayment and then do the necessary repayments for the clause. Cheers