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    A variety of wine for sale - $10 to $12 per bottle

    hi is it still available? can email me @ [email protected]
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    WTS: 10% off Marina Bay Sands wedding banquet & more!

    Hi is ur packg still available? Pls email me detail at [email protected] thks
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    Instant Prints Services

    hi i.m looking for instant print or photo booth services too. pls give me some recommendation. my email is [email protected] thks
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    Holiday Inn Orchard Banquet to let go - $988 Nett

    Hi is the package still available? Pls email me detail at [email protected] tks
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    WTS: Gowns

    Hi i'm interested in e gown. Pls send me pic n measurement to [email protected]
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    Park Royal at Kitchener Rd

    I jus went dw to the hotel tdy. Was quite hapi wif the pckg but is melise always like tis? Quite a few bad remarks on her. Can anyone share more exp pls. I'm still considering.. Or is there any other better coordinator in the hotel?
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    WTS: Z Weddin Package

    hi is the pckg still available? pls send me details @ [email protected]
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    URGENT***Actual Day Digio Bridal Package to let go!

    hi is it stil available? pla send me the details [email protected]
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    Wedding gowns for cheap sale

    hi can email me the details n pic [email protected] thks
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    WTS: Carlton Hotel - Open date till 31 Mar 2013

    hi is ur package still available? pls email me details [email protected] thks