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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hello everyone, I had my wedding at Grand Hyatt on 30 Oct 2015 and I would advise those who are considering Grand Hyatt, to CONSIDER VERY CAREFULLY. Yes, Grand Hyatt serves one of the best Chinese wedding banquet menu and the ambience of their ballrooms is really impressive. But other than...
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    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Hi all! It's almost OCT! Hope everyone's doing well with their preparations. Most importantly, stay calm and enjoy the process of it all. :D
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    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Hi guys! This thread got me and my fiancé excited knowing that we're getting married soon and other ppl are planning it as early as we are. Haha we don't feel so overly kiasu. Our AD will be on 3o Oct and we r still sourcing for venues. Could u pls add us to the fb group? My email is...
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    La Belle Couture

    Dear la belle, My email add is [email protected] Thank you very much! :)) looking forward to hearing from you!
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    La Belle Couture

    Hello La Belle, I'm interested in your AD package as I've yet to find a studio for my AD. Was wondering if you could pm me the general details of ur AD package? I've signed up with your partner IDo wedding for my pre wedding photoshoot, hence was wondering if there'll be any perks for signing...
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Dear master tong, Can you kindly advise if 2015 is a good year for me and my fiancé to marry? Groom: rabbit (1987) Bride: dragon (1988) Groom father: monkey Groom mother: Dog Bride father: cow (1949) Bride mother: monkey (1956) I understand the exact date itself must use Bazi to...