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    Sorry to be blunt in such a testing time, but the only reasonable, self-loving and self-respecting action is to proceed with separation and divorce. If he can't even admit his wrongs, he will not be able to change. And from what you describe of him, I doubt he has anything close to the...
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    Courtship (Marriage) Preparation Course

    Not sure about specific courses. But I attended the Engaged Encounter organised by the Catholic church (Me and my Wife to be are both catholic). It was very useful, and its about relationship more than marriage. I'm sure most other wedding prep would be suitable for a dating couple, because it...
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    <IMG SRC="" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0> Parents + F

    I normally find people giving religious advice extremely annoying, but the serenity prayer is pretty useful here. Just take out the word "God" if that helps. THE SERENITY PRAYER God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to...
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    Cant Think

    At the very least, it's quite obvious that your husband is unsure about his sexuality. That's not a state one should get married in. Even if he's truly bisexual, as a married man, lies and deception about who he's with, etc... are a very bad sign. If he was bisexual and sticks to one partner...
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    Any ang mo husband here?

    David. Family values are specific to each culture. Family is important to humanity as a whole. I have some experience of both cultures as I am a product of a mixed marriage. Try not to judge before understanding. One anecdote does not make for a sweeping statement.
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    Finally the truth.....

    Outcast... Sorry to hear that you had to take this bitter pill out of the blue... You are still who you are *now*. Where and who you came from is irrelevant. A child of the universe has no reason to hide. Your personal affairs are yours to share or not, as you see fit, but no one who truly...
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    I think my marriage is having problem.

    If my relationship was 99% perspiration, I'd get a dog instead... :-)
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    I think my marriage is having problem.

    Perhaps instead of looking for this ethereal "love"... learn to be friends again... do things together you both enjoy. talk about things you are both interested in. When it comes down to it, those are the things that keep a marriage together, not "passionate love"
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    First night.....

    sm: Yes. I think cohabitation before marriage is even more important than pre-marital sex. Sexual compatibility is easier to achieve than living with another person.
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    Correct answer to a tricky question..

    sm &amp; littlemsnaughty... Maybe our education system is to blame for people looking for the "right" answer, when in cases like this, there is only "your" answer and "your" reasons for justifying it.
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    About Bridal Shop services

    confused: Does non-disclosure include not telling others about bad service from them? If they have rights to sue,we have consumer rights to boycott suppression of free speech.
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    About Bridal Shop services

    Bridal shops that pursue legal actions over genuine posts about their service should be boycotted. List anyone?
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    Be happy always, love yourself

    The most attractive and easy-to-be-with woman, is one who loves herself, and is happy by herself.
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    First night.....

    Any experienced man will understand that it's not the figure that relates to how much one enjoys sex, it's confidence, attitude and intimate chemistry. So put your insecurities to the back of your mind, be yourself and surrender to the moment. It'll be great. :-)
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    Underground Scandal

    You obviously know yourself better, but I've never met a girl who can separate body from heart when it comes to someone they were once in love with. One will rekindle the other. And it will get complicated.
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    Husband still missing ex gf

    Don't know if this is helpful, but I'm still in touch once in a while with all my exes. They were very important in my life once, and life is too short to throw away such friendships even though we have broken up. Doesn't mean I don't love my SO. In fact, since she knows and has no problem with...
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    Am I still a virgin?

    "Do not feed the trolls". If people read the sign, this thread would still be on-topic.
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    My wife doesn't want to have kids now. Very sad and don't know what to do...

    Nothing wrong with writing a letter. Lets you put all your thoughts and feelings down in a considered manner. But you should talk to her after she has read the letter.
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    Dilemma: Presbyterian Wife, Free-thinker hubby...

    outcast, Actually my impression of the mega-churches was that they are very literal about the bible and quote scripture to justify a lot of things. I'm certainly not representative of mainstream catholicism. In a way, you're right, that my beliefs are separate from church and the bible...
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    Dilemma: Presbyterian Wife, Free-thinker hubby...

    Hi Outcast. Regarding your bf and you having different values, eg. views on abortion, I'd like to add that not all catholics agree with the teaching of the church to the letter. In fact, I would say, that compared to protestant christians, catholics tend to be more diverse in their opinions...