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    Korea - In 1st week of Nov ?

    Another must go place is the hot spring water resort during winter. It something very different.
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    32" LCD - Philip/Toshiba/JVC/Sharp

    Hi Richard, I assume you have an widescreen lcd tv and starhub digital box. When you change the aspect ration settings to 4:3 does the first column pixels seem brighter than the rest? Is this a starhub cable box problem (oversampling)? Thanks in advance
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    32" LCD - Philip/Toshiba/JVC/Sharp

    For the starhub digital box, you can set the setting for standard/widescreen tv. Default settings for the digial box is standard. So, for those with widescreen lcd tv's, make sure you modify the settings. Picture quality for lcd with digitial cable boxes can be quite good too.
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    Japan - Free and Easy Advisable?

    For accomodations you can try It is business class inns, safe and economical. You can also get JTB (JTB Takashimaya Travel Saloon) to help you book accomadations and tickets. They can also recommend you ryokans (japanese style inns).
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    All looking for Condo

    Shymz, If you're worried about the noise, make sure you ask whether the developer installed windows that insulate against road traffic noise. Standard double glazed windows are not effective against road traffic noise.
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    Simmons mattress - any advise?

    Hi applegirl, You should get at least 13" and above. The mattress itself is 11" the pillow top adds another 1" making it at least 12"
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    (1) ETRONIN at Tampines Blk 801 Tel.67842525/67817810 staff to look for George/Catherine/Vincent (2) Mega Discount Store at Katong Mall 6346 7132 (3) Sweetson Electrical Trading located at Bkt Batok. Call to get a quote: 65632308 or 65668150. (4) Raffles Home Audio 81, Genting...
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    All looking for Condo

    Hi eli, If you have more cash, you can opt for loans from standard chartered, uob or HSBC where they have loans where the current accounts earn the same interest as your housing loan. In that case you still obtain the maximum loan amount 80% but put your cash into the current account. This...
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    Cheap lightings shop to recommend

    I bought all my lights at CROWN Lighting 600 Geylang Road Sunny : 91876969 I find that he is able to give better discounts. Probably because their shop has less frontage and less superior location therefore less rent. Being the owner Sunny can make decisions for better discounts. I find...
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    Simmons mattress - any advise?

    Hi Pierced, You should try to ask at danwell agency. They sell the mattress at lower rate but without warranty. Simmions bedframes are generally dearer. You may try sealy bedframes or bedframes from aero furnishing chain. Danwell Agencies (for simmons beds) 540 Sims Ave #01-02...
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    Simmons mattress - any advise?

    Has anybody heard of Simmon's beautyrest Apex firm. Is $1200 without warranty for a new king size, a good price?
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    You can try
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    I resent some of my pictures to be redeveloped by another shop (Standard photos, opposite NO. 1 COLOR CENTRE at PARKWAY PARADE). Collected the pictures yesterday. The pictures were much BETTER. So it is not my digital images that were at fault nor lighting as ascribed by NO. 1 COLOR...
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    Japan (esp Tokyo) Free and Easy

    Just came back from Japan for Honeymoon a few weeks ago. 1) 10 Days 2) $1800 per person (excluding airfare) 3) Kyoto, Nara, Yuzawa 4,5,6) JTB (taka 4th floor) For Accomodations we mainly used booked for us by JTB On the average $130 for a double room...
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    I went to : NO. 1 COLOR CENTRE 80 MARINE PARADE ROAD, #B1-56 PARKWAY PARADE, Singapore, 449269 a konica photo express outlet to develop my actual day photos (digital), however the prints i got back was terrible (i could compare with does given to me by the photographer). By the way service...