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    Any recommendations for hobs & hood?

    Hi Papermoon, can share the models and price with me? Planning to go down to the Asia Excel.. If prices are ok, will also wanna settle eveything soon =) gotta rush for the reno that start 2 wks later.. my email [email protected] Thks thks!!
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    Anyone taken PS at Changi broadwalk?

    Hi Carol! Hi Lina! Can share with me ur photos? Have always wanna have PS at Changi Boardwalk.. My PS is in Jun and still deciding where =) my email add: [email protected] thanks gers!
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    Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

    Hi wyy, opss! forgot my address... [email protected] Thanks!!
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    Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

    Hi wyy, can share with me your lovely photos and package?? Intd in GI =) Congratulations on your big day this month!
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    Village Hotel Changi

    Hey thanks glad!! After so much stress going through sourcing of venues, we managed to book The Legends for Oct 06.. It will be outdoor ROM =) happy! Brides-to-be: if you want to hold your weddings on popular auspicious dates.. remember to book early.. My Fiance and I are lucky that a...
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    Village Hotel Changi

    Hi gald!! We have a change in our plans.. we will be holding ROM + AD together probably in Jun or Oct 06 =) So we are presently looking at venues nearer to town.. Hopefully we can confirm the location soon! Changi Meridien is definitely a nice place.. we went down one wkend and like...
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    Village Hotel Changi

    Hi gald My ROM is also in Mar 06! So excited when I found this thread \("p)/ The pool and cafes looks really nice.. So you have to arrange for the ROM settings at the pool? Or is it included in the rental? When is your big day?