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    Modern Beauty Salon

    I'm also left with one more facial with them but I think I'll just forget it. Too hard sell, lousy service and I don't see any effect after their facials. I have only visited their Tampines branch but it's more or less the same as described by sghlynn.
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    Modern Beauty Salon

    The facials have no effect... and very hardsell. The girls there only know to force you fork out more $$ to them... Not recommended...
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    Teakwood Furniture Shops - A Complied List

    Don't buy from Worldw*de Furnishing or Summ*t House. They are under the same company. I have very bad experience - lousy customer service, empty promises, lies, lame excuses, teak of bad quality, wrong dimensions, bad attitude... A lot of my time was wasted. All they want is money, money...