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    Any comments on Sealy Mattress

    A comparison between Dunlop, Sealy, Simmons and Slumberland can be found in I went hunting all kinds of mattress, ranging from cheaper ones of less than $1000 to $10,000. I thought Slumberland is quite suitable for me who needs a firm...
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    Any advise on selecting a suitable mattress ?

    See if the technicalities in can help.
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    Divider at Living Area - Fengshui

    Fish tank is one of the important FS element in the house. It usually symbolizes wealth in the house, hence always identify the wealth location to place your fish tank. Check with a professional FS master if you are not too sure. For other fengshui related topics, you might check out...
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    Just something to share when you do your painting.
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    Sealy or dunlopillo mattress?

    Read for comparison.
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    Check this out.
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    Simmons mattress - any advise?

    Wonder will help?