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    Can pre-wedding photographers remove scars shown in the pics?

    upon your request, Yes. I suppose. So long as you informed them beforehand and they are agreeable. I heard some couples even requested to remove moles via PS. (Take note: Professional PG do NOT remove mole by default) Just to be safe to make sure they are obliged to PS away your scars...
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Wow, it's Dr Phua again.. Really one of the most popular JP out there.
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    Solemnisation MC Script needed!!!

    actually, you can always get the script from the hotel/banquet coordinator. Most of them have a standard template. Hope it helps =)
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    AK Media Hub

    what does AK Media Hub do? Event photography? Model, studio shoot? Is AK Kua Photography linked to AK Media Hub? My friend told me they are not linked as AK Kua Photography is by a Freelance photographer working alone. The website is http://www.****************.com/