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    Hi ggoldfish You have to be a resident there or a yacht owner or have a friend who lives there. Eugene Foto-U Studio
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    Outdoor Photoshoot Locations

    Hi Winyvn You can find Marina Barrage's location in this map at this 103.79797&spn=0.077914,0.153809&z=13,page, together with other recommended outdoor wedding shoot locations. Eugene
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    Where to go for Outdoor Photoshoot ?

    Hi Esttie Check out this Web page. The first photo in the list. It's an old "haunted" house. ;) Eugene [email protected]
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    Your Photographer: 16 Questions to Ask

    Hi Nic It would be good to pay them a visit to talk to them and view their works if an Internet search yields nothing. ;) Eugene [email protected]
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    Carlton Hotel - ROM Solemnisation

    Is the courtyard the rooftop higher than the pool? The one with a shelter? I remember from my last shoot there that the waterfall cannot be heard from there too. Eugene [email protected]
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    Hi JJ Do check out our wedding photography packages at this page and contact your selected photographer directly. Eugene [email protected]
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    To video or not to video

    Hi Yen The reasoning for not having a VG on your wedding can be similar to not having a PG. Even for photos, one can say that they are only looked through once in a long while after the wedding and that's all the purpose it serves. To get a VG or PG for any couple, it really depends on...
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    Any bridal shops willing include pets(dogs) for studio shoot?

    I think many studios are there are okay with pets such as dogs. Our studio has done quite a number of family portraits with their pet dogs included. ;) Eugene [email protected]
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    Changi Village Hotel for solemnisation?

    Hey Ann, happy birthday! Enjoy before he flies ya. ;) Eugene [email protected]
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    Changi Village Hotel for solemnisation?

    Hi Ann... I am working hard on your photos. Hope to bring you photos you and your hubby will like. *fingers crossed* Hitsubi: I'm sure Ann will share the photos with you once they are ready. ;) Eugene [email protected]
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi all. Mr Wong is a funny man. =) However, I heard Mr Wong has retired and has ceased to be a JP. You may wish to confirm this with ROM. ;) Eugene [email protected]
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    Changi Village Hotel for solemnisation?

    Hi Ann It's me, Eugene. Just found out you frequent this forum. :P Glad that your solemnisation went on smoothly last weekend. I am sure you must be so relieved now. =) I will contact your hubby once the photos are ready. For now, enjoy the start of your married lives. See you soon...
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    Hi Dew, not sure if you got your answers. The United States photo labs also provide this service. Check out Mpix or WHCC. A number of professional photographers use them. Eugene
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    I just realised I missed out Esteem Zero. :P Here's a link to some of the locations I have taken at. I can't say whether they are nice places or not. It's really up to individual preference. The glass house thingy in the pool is actually a new spa at Labrador park. But it's private...
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    Hi Valerie, sorry for late reply. Busy over the past week. Sorry, I don't know of any place that has what you are looking for. Perhaps over wedding photographers or brides can help, I hope. Eugene
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    Where to go for Outdoor Photoshoot ?

    Hi. As mentioned, there is a charge by CHIJMES if you are taking photos in their premises. For the railway, do you mean inside the station or along the railway that goes to JB? If along the railway, not that I know of. But you have to be careful if you are on high heels and in a long...
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    Hi b n l, you can have photo shoot at CHIJMES but there are charges involved. Do contact CHIJMES directly for the details. ;) Eugene
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    Hi Queen. Jalan Sultan. Those shophouses near the big mosque have those old feel. I have done a feel shots there before. ;) Eugene
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    Advise need : nice place for outdoor photographing

    Hi lladro, No problem. Yes, I am one of the photographers from Foto-U Studio. What problem did you encounter? You may try this link or this linkwhich lead to my wedding portfolio. I just realised I got the name wrong. It's called Cool House, not Cool Garden. Are you trying to view...
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    Advise need : nice place for outdoor photographing

    Hi lladroo, check out the Cool Garden in Botanical Gardens too. It an air-conditioned greenhouse with mist sprayed at intervals. ;) Eugene