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  1. Baby.J

    Keen on wedding lunch packages

    Four Seasons seem to have a upcoming wedding showcase in Feb. Hope this help :)
  2. Baby.J

    January 2018 BTB

    Congrats to u too Jasmine, browse the main page here, there's a few hotel wedding shows coming up I think ;)
  3. Baby.J

    January 2018 BTB

    Hi Miyako, congratulations! We took our pre wedding photo at Taiwan, Just signed AD photography & videography + photobooth with The Aisle @ BOWS.. Banquet @ Furama City Centre ^^
  4. Baby.J

    Letting go: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel GRAND BALLROOM

    Can change to wedding lunch? Thanks
  5. Baby.J

    Furama City Centre

    Hi all~ yeah any recent feedback for Furama City Centre? Thanks in advance ;)
  6. Baby.J

    January 2018 BTB

    Hi All! Just wanna start a thread to see how many Jan 2018 brides here! Can share our preparation together here! We've done our pre-wedding shoot & placing deposit for our venue next week. Any brides-to-be in January 2018 here too?
  7. Baby.J

    2018 BTB

    I believe there's surely a venue for yr date.. It whether u like the location anot bah.. :p Booking one year in advance is quite ok.. Usually hotel will press u to decide n sign on the day itself with deposit but usually they will extend the perks for few more days.. Just need to ask them.. See...
  8. Baby.J

    2018 BTB

    The date my fengshui master advised us is a Sunday too! :D
  9. Baby.J

    2018 BTB

    Hihi, Depend on which location u're looking at.. I went to afew hotel showcase earlier this mth they still have slot for Dec 2017 & Jan 2018. Depend on yr date as well. Good luck!
  10. Baby.J

    2018 BTB

    Hi all! Not kiasu at all~ ;) I'm a Jan 2018 BTB too! Our planning was originally Dec 2017 too but after calculating it shifted to Mid Jan 2018 :p
  11. Baby.J

    WTS: Jan 8 2017 Banquet 30 - 38 tables

    Able to change date? If yes, pls kindly email [email protected] tks
  12. Baby.J


    Replied u :)
  13. Baby.J

    Letting go Holiday Inn Orchard banquet dinner

    Hi still available? able to email the package detail to [email protected] thanks
  14. Baby.J


    Hi there, able to email the package detail to [email protected] thanks
  15. Baby.J

    Looking for cheap budget wedding dinner 2017 . Pm me if there is any

    Hi there, still available? able to email us the package detail to [email protected] thanks
  16. Baby.J

    Letting go 22 Oct 17 Conrad Wedding Lunch

    Hi able to email the package detail to [email protected] Thanks
  17. Baby.J

    WTS - Holiday Inn Ochard Wedding Dinner (25th Nov 2017)

    Hi able to email the package detail to [email protected] Thanks
  18. Baby.J

    WTS: Almost 55% off Usual Price! Taiwan Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Pkg w Free 2 Nights stay to Let Go~!!

    Letting go Super Affordable Taiwan Bridal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot package by Fashion Bride with 2 Night Free Hotel Stay!飛羽主題攝影-195905370439267/timeline/ Original price S$3280/= Fully paid S$1980/= Now selling at below $1500/= (no additional top up required for...