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  1. xjace

    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    I didn't get any one to count any dates.. Neither did I search online whether which date is gd or which date is not suitable.. I was pretty set on holding it in the 10th initially as it was my anniversary date.. But after a few places I wanted to pick tell me that they are booked for that date...
  2. xjace

    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Hahaha. I meant, I book this early this year too.. But to my wedding date.. That's like 1.5yrs before the actual day itself... Usually people probably only start booking their venues 1yr ahead from their wedding day.... Nowadays it's getting earlier and earlier.. All the Good dates get snatch up...
  3. xjace

    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Yeah it was.. I was booking my banquet venue like 1.5yrs ahead.. And yet some of the places I wanted was already booked for 10 Oct. Haha. Wedding banquet booked with MBS, BS is Labelle Couture. --jace
  4. xjace

    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Hey there! Would like to be added to the fb grp too! AD set on 3rd oct 15 (was gonna go for 10oct because it's anniversary date, but this date is wayyyyy too popular and a lot of places are booked already). So far... Venue and BS all booked some time back... Now still slacking in terms of the...
  5. xjace

    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    hmm. I was recently transferred from Jennifer to Aih Kim too. So far, she replies emails and calls very promptly and fast. Actual service wise, no idea. Just curious, any one here has taken their 50pax candy bar (under their wishes which you can either pick one or two from the list depending on...
  6. xjace

    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    hi hi, anyone has their dinner package details for 2015? would like to take a look. my email is [email protected]. many thanks in advance!