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  1. kwanjiaxian

    Actual Day Photo and Video to let go

    Hi possible to give me the details at 87149338? Thanks!
  2. kwanjiaxian

    Letting go Yvonne Creative PW + AD Package

    hi! can whatsapp me at 87149338 to discuss more?
  3. kwanjiaxian

    Letting go Queena Actual Day Package + Photoshoot

    hi can possible to email to me? and whatsapp me to discuss more? [email protected] 87149338!
  4. kwanjiaxian

    WTS: Wedding Banquet at Regent Hotel

    hi! is it still avail? possible to discuss more throught whatsapp? my number is 87149338:)
  5. kwanjiaxian

    WTS Wedding Banquet - Copthorne King's Hotel

    Hi we are interested possible to discuss more in WhatsApp? 87149338
  6. kwanjiaxian

    wtb: nov 2017 dinner packages

    Hi I am keen possible to msg me at 87149338?
  7. kwanjiaxian

    Letting go Intercontinental package May 2017

    Hi is it still available? Can email me at [email protected]
  8. kwanjiaxian

    WTS: Yvonne Creative Wedding Package (Pre-wedding and Actual Day) at attractive price!!!

    Can still available? Able to email or contact me at 87149338?
  9. kwanjiaxian

    WTS - Intercontinental Hotel Wedding Dinner 7th May 2017

    Hi still available? Can contact me at 87149338 if possible?
  10. kwanjiaxian

    LOOKING WEDDING LUNCHEON nov 2017 to Jan 2018

    hi all, Please feel free to contact me at 87149338 if you had packages to sell
  11. kwanjiaxian

    Westin hotel package letting go

    Can I had more details? I am okay with the date :) can email or message me at 87149338?
  12. kwanjiaxian

    WTB 2017 2ndQUATER wedding banquet

    hi all:) you can contact me at 87149338 or [email protected] if you had packages to go thanks:)