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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Opps...i just came back from a holiday! Only to know that Johnny had left. Wonder who's taking over my account. No wonder Johnny seems to agree to most stuff we suggested. Winnie-Did the new person who took over Johnny agree to the terms you agreed with Johnny. We got Johnny to sign on...
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    Hi all, Chijmes Chinese dinner ( kriston catering )may be more ex than the western dinner. But i've seen the kriston western menus. There's this rather affordable menu that offers beef roll as main, cheese cake for dessert and oyster with salmon for starter. That;s the only menu i liked...
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    Hi. Me also a Chijmes bride to be! Booked the venue. On the lookout for any good caterer besides Kriston. Any one has any recommendations for Westerm caterer for Chijmes?