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    Any bridal shop willing to include pet in the studio shooting!

    Hi the BS i'm with (Venlis @ commonwealth lane)they allow pets for photo shooting indoor and outdoor. Maybe you can consider!
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    Advice on Bridal Shops & Services

    and one thing, their staff there are very service orientated not very pushy which i felt it's very comfortable. As i went to a few BS in tg pagar they are too pushy and pressurizing. maybe it's a place to consider?
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    Advice on Bridal Shops & Services

    hi.. I drove past commonwealth days back and saw this BS there. their show room is big which caught my eyes. It's called Venlis. i look through their packages was quite good. they have full day make up artist for PS as i know some studios dont provide full day make-up artist. And their gowns...
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    Hi, i was driving pass commonwealth and saw this bridal studio along main road facing the MRT track. Didnt know there's a bridal studio there. i went to took a look, their service is very good and prices are very reasonable, giving alot of stuff and kinda different and their show room is big...