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    The Pines

    Hi Roy, Please email me the 2011 package at [email protected]. Also, will there be any upcoming wedding show? Thanks!
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    Aloha Loyang Chalets - anyone letting go???

    tagging on this thread. i am looking for one for 2 nights from 22 oct. please let me know if anyone is letting go theirs. thanks!
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    Amore Fitness at Woodlands Civic Centre

    i have a amore unlimited gym only package for sale. all gyms with 40 months left. you can upgrade to fitness package if you want. bought it at $2888. if interested pls pm your offer.
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    Justice of Peace-Prof Yu Shi Ming

    i am not the couple but the emcee for my friend solemisation and wedding dinner. Prof Yu is very professional and is effectively bilingual. He is also very patience and guided the couple on the flow of the ROM.
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    i am interested as well.can i have the add and tel no for the doc at boon keng?also, you know how the doc charge for leg hair removal. summit charge/ sarah charge 300.
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    Any good hair Salons to recommend?

    hi is the 1-for-1 promo still ongoing? I called to make an appt yesterday and the lady did not mention about this promo. she say the only one is 20% off haircut wtih UOB ladies card. Also, i read that vincent have been promoted so his rate is now $99 instead of $79. Anyone can confirm...
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    hi tess/angel can share the slimming tips? my email is [email protected] thanks
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    LASIK anyone?

    btw, me was at optimax jb trying to seize in an earlier op date but the lady told me that the waiting list is too long to even try.
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    Marie France

    hi moomoo, am interested too. pls email me at [email protected] thanks