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    How to keep ex-wife out

    Do u have any record of your transaction? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    "Just Married" sign for sale

    item still available? pls reply to [email protected] Sandy
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    Bridal Nails

    i just went for the one at myntelicious Sandy
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    big ring prop

    looking for big ring prop for my upcoming pre wedding photo shoot Sandy
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    Wedding props for rent

    hi there is the ring prop still available? Sandy
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    BN wedding items to rent/sell: for budget/DIY eager BTBs!

    hi there.. is the bride hanger still available? Sandy
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    hi klaz... can pm me which JP u used? thanks Sandy
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    *Wedding Props* BN US-style Post Boxes for Garden Theme Wedding

    is it still available? mind to send the actual photos and details to [email protected] Sandy
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    WTS/ Rent: Elegant White Wedding Gown & Suit

    how much is the rental/sale for the suit? Sandy