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    Cutting ties with children from previous marriage?

    any woman asking you to cut relations with your family is not worth your time dating. don't even go down the path of having a future with her.
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    What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

    he found another target, move on.
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    Devastated and Lost

    agreed, plain jane or not is still subjective issue on whether the lady will go the distance with you. as for the sanity part, that is really important man. go for a drink if you need to but don't get yourself dead drunk.
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    Post marital affair - How much trying is enough?

    since he is back, you probably need to learn how to move on. if possible, a man should have all the fun before he decides to commit to a relationship. however life is not so straight forward in cases such as yours, cause some men do stray into the dark side once they settle down or experienced...
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    Do you girls' bf go on holidays without you?

    i travel solo sometimes but probably not on an impulse manner due to flight tickets and hotel bookings being more expensive last min. well there are some nearby countries that you should probably be cautious about.
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    Post marital affair - How much trying is enough?

    if you are unsure of his efforts then you probably need to throw him some ultimatum such as he leaves china for you. a capable man can always rebuild his career again. and should he agree, frankly speaking perhaps you should also do your part in keeping him interested in you. a marriage works...
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    Post marital affair - How much trying is enough?

    well i was damn surprised to hear that porn can lead to affairs or cheating, rightfully if the guy can jerk off to porn, he should have no more bullets to carry out any physical act. sexual incompatibility is a serious problem nowadays. however most couples just brush it off as "love will...
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    Is Wife Having An Affair?

    you did the right thing, your children deserve the truth after all.
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    Lost... What is love?

    actually just try to obey a simple basic rule, never take your partner for granted. always try to show some amount of appreciation whether in big or small ways. good habits will go a long way in maintaining a rs.
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    Lost... What is love?

    yup, seems like a classic case of getting married too early. for those who divorced in their 50s, normally is just years of marriage frustration building up to a bubble before it burst especially when the kids are all grown up. if there are any form of incompatibility on the EQ aspect, it...
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    Send help please

    sometimes not all rs can go back to being friends so i would suggest to take a clean cut so that one can move on with his/her life asap cause no point dwelling on someone who is not meant to be. is not going to be easy and could take quite a while but once the hurt slowly fades, you will feel...
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    Husband doesnt love me now

    actually the worst type of behavior is emotional betrayal, yes no doubt the physical aspect has not happened however there can be tell tale signs. a thought is like a virus. resilient, highly contagious and the smallest seed of a though can grow. it can grow to define or destroy a person sanity.
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    Husband doesnt love me now

    sometimes is good not to sh!t at the work place unless one wants to compromise his own career.
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    Lost... What is love?

    to truly win over a lady's heart, they do need to be pampered. there is no crash course in a rs leading up to a marriage unless it is a shotgun marriage...and keeping a lady emotionally happy will go a long way in keeping married life peaceful.
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    Lost... What is love?

    typically most men get married thinking that the other half will stay the same, however is often the opposite. so it goes back to the basic question where the best thing about the worst time of your life is that you get to see the true colors of everyone including your SO.
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    Yoni Massage

    erm no offense but seems like the sexual compatibility is not there in your rs from the start.
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    Lost... What is love?

    currently in this stage and she is not even my gf yet... it worries me that at each different stage of a rs, there might be a likelihood that expectations will become higher.
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    Facing uncertainty and need some advice maybe....

    if you have been working in civil service during all your career path, you could encourage him to join CS. a lot of ppl in the private sector has this misconception that life in CS is stable, however for agencies and stat boards that have yet to go through digital transformation, one can be in...
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    Do u think u are really silly?

    he can pay you back in other ways...most importantly is that he realized that you stuck with him during his hard times and never take you for granted.
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    Healing help

    seek for help with a support group or pray whenever you have the chance to.