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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    same here....haven't gotten the dates yet but we intend to have it during that month.... have u started on anything yet? maybe i'm too kiasu....i'm already sourcing for quite a few least that would cause less hassle i tik...
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    Advice on Glittering powder

    yeah...bodyshop will do just fine. They even have the bronizer with glitter...
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    Harry is quite efficient i must say....we r going to view the venue this coming Saturday so i guess we'll take some pics of the place.... Jean, do they have several themes for you to choose? u chose ur theme yet?
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    Anyone have recommendation for wedding cupcakes?~~

    cel....u can try
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    Grand Plaza Parkyroyal Solemnisation

    hi anyone has the ROM/solemnization package?? can email me pls?? [email protected] thks a lot!!
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    Goodwood Park Tudor Terrace?

    hi can i have the ROM package for GWP?? thks a million! [email protected]
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    Anyone? Solemnisation and Hi-Tea at Hotel

    hi i know everyone's been asking about Amara. Can I also have the Amara ROM package and pics (if possible)?? Thks a million! [email protected]
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    Rasel Catering Singapore Pte Ltd

    Shugar, glad to hear that your wedding went well....btw, where's ur wedding held? do u have any AD pics?
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    Any New Outdoor Wedding Venues?

    yeah, ting ting... can i see your wedding photos at Grand Mercure also? thks a million! [email protected]
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    cheekychick, nice to see u here...another 2009 bride like me anyhow, i've gotten email from jean and also, from Harry...their package really seems good...i guess i just need to go down and check out the venue... apparently, Harry's current package is also available for booking for...
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    hi, anyone has the price list and package for RELC Tang Court? can email me, thks [email protected]
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    any brides for Sept 2009? i know it's really way ahead....but we can all share our ideas, venues, plans...etc
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    What can I know if a photographer is good or not??? thoughts are that, yes, of cos if a particular photographer is good or very subjective...cos one may not have that high expectations as others or one may expect their wedding pics to turn out like others or sth like that... i also dun totally agree that photographers need to...
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    shimaro, i tik it's the chemicals they use to "wash" and develop the pics...
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    u can try this photo shop at Arcade 1st to escalator... it charges only S$0.18 per pcs (min. 100 pcs) for 4R glossy...very sharp and nice
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    Any 2007 brides with outdoor themes (beach/garden) on AD?

    Jaz, i tik they just quoted me for the standard's for buffet and banquet type...S$30+ to S$45 per pax roughly... i'm trying to get them to quote me for just the location...however, need to check out on the planning of the other stuff...cos i'm intending to do it buffet dinner...
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    Any 2007 brides with outdoor themes (beach/garden) on AD?

    thks jaz yeah, managed to get the packages/quotation prices from them... btw, when's ur AD? just interested to see how it would look like in an actual event
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    that sounds nice...can i see your pics pls, jaye? thks so much!! [email protected]
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    Aloha changi cottage

    Hi Chriszwendy and Vee, could i also see the pics of your events too?? I also thinking to have my solemnization cum tea ceremony cum wedding dinner next yr... thk u so much!! [email protected]
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    did anyone take Rasel catering at SAM for their wedding? if so, do they do decor as well?