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    Anyone been to Macau???

    Hi, Any hotel in zhuhai near gongbei custom (walking distance)?
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    Let's talk about Food

    i would like to recommend the fish head beehoon at taman jurong food centre and market. the name of the stall is called "China Fish Soup".. yummy yummy... alamak.. i am hungry now :p
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    Japan package with Dynasty Travel

    Finally i got my deposit back.. Yeahhh!!
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    Japan package with Dynasty Travel

    finally cancelled the trip due to not enough people in the trip.. they did pursuade us to join other date or other country.. but we rejected.. they promise will refund us by cheque 2 months later..
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    Japan package with Dynasty Travel

    before Natas fair (last week), i did go down to check with her.. she told me currently 8 people joinning my package and she said will try to "push" to people to join this trip during Natas fair.. after the Natas fair (yesterday), i called them, there were a guy answered my call.. i just asked...
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    Japan package with Dynasty Travel

    I booked the Japan trip with Super last year. Our preferred travelling date is middle of Mar09. Before the Natas fair, the girl told us that our group so far has 8 people. Yesterday we called to check the number of people joining this trip. A guy answered the call and he told me that no trip...
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    Hongthai Travel

    Anybody join Japan tour with HongThai? Any comments?
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    Japan trip with Super Travel

    Hi, We are planning to go Japan around end of Mar too.. any good travel agent?
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    Phuket, Patong Beach

    hi, do u think 2 days 1 nite enough for phuket trip? thinking of going for a short trip next month
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    Japan trip with Super Travel

    Hi, anybody joined Super Travel for their Japan trip offered? Please share the experience.. thanks..
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    An Chuang & Guo Da Li Items - where to buy?

    i am teochew (msian).. hubby is cantonese (sporean).. our lovenest is in spore, our banquet will be held in msia. after an chuang, we are going to msia for customary wedding. after the wedding in msia, we fly back to spore to work till weekend then we will pray groom's ancestor and have tea...
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    An Chuang & Guo Da Li Items - where to buy?

    Hi.. is it ok if on An Chuang day, the couple is not in the house? means the relative will be doing an chuang for the couple.. and is it ok if the couple cover the bed linen themselves, then just let the "Hao ming ren" to "move" a bit the bed?
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    Anybody has experience having dinner at quayside dining (outside peony jade? Any comments about the environment and food there?
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    Y.L.S. Buffet Catering

    Finally someone answer my query.. thanks Diana.. Please share some comments on Yeh Lai Siang after your boy's party.. Thank you in advance..
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    Y.L.S. Buffet Catering

    Hi all, Is YLS refer to Yeh Lai Siang? I just refer their website, they dont charge gst.
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    Hello.. anybody has any comments abt the food that PJ served for the ROM wedding lunch?
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    hello.. is there any private room availabe at PanPac? I am planning to book 2 tables to invite my family members on my wedding.
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    Nova Furnishing : Any comments on Nova furnishing

    anybody bought lighting from nova at tradehub21? any comments?
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    hehe.. Our ROM also on last saturday.. our coordinator was Mr Anto. He is helpful and whatever we requested, he did it. Thank you so much..