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    just some info for those of you who are going to korea since i just came back last thursday. The weather is getting colder earlier. No rain for the 8 days we were there (went on the SA Tours' winter sonata). It snow on 2 days we were there... light snow though. But along rural roads, you are...
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    Amara Singapore

    the decor is very nice since they last renovated...
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    Riverview Hotel

    hi . we spoke to eileen just last saturday and she told us its $8/table nope we din ask for any extra perks.... u mean u got some extra perks ah ? we dun need an extra nite cos we are leaving for our honeymoon the next morning. maybe if u really wanna have yam paste.. u can check...
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    Riverview Hotel

    hi... we requested to change to yam paste and they say must top up $8 per table... so in the end we chose to change to red bean paste without charges. i think it depends wat u change to.
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    Cooking Recipes as promised the above link contains quite a lot of nice recipe
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    Orchid Country Club

    hi lydia, i attended a wedding banquet at OCC in jan this year. The ballroom is big and looks quite grand. The entire place looks nice, at least i think it got quite a nice ambience. yah there was buses catered for ferrying guests. hmm yah I agree its far, some people may take cab...