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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    Hi, just to ask what's your arrangement for the projector screens? Do u have contacts or taking the contact from GS?
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    ID For NEW Flat Renovation

    Hi peeps, I am also looking for ID for my new love nest in Punggolo Springs. Would love any suggestions! Dear Ling, I have tried to PM you but ur profile does not allow PMs. Can you PM me your shortlist if possible? Many thanks!
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    Wen >>> OK! Actually if we change the centerpiece hor, we will have to buy it ourselves....then what do we do with them after the whole banquet? (My wife brought up this point) elyn82 >>> GSH do not cater to muslim or vegetarian menu. They will outsource from Grand Copthorne and they will...
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    (2012) 2012 Brides to be

    Hello peeps and BTBs, I am Groom-to-be...haha. We are planning on holding our AD in 2012 March. Glad to join the family of 2012 wedding couples!
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    anyone knows any shops here sell artifacts or ornaments dating back to Shanghai times? Need ideas to decorate reception table and GSH door handles =) So exciting!
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    Loving Jul>>> David (our coordinator) just told us that some couples just borrow their place to take photos and they will charge them 300 bucks! ALL>>>> Anyone has David as coordinator too?
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    Hey peeps, We signed on the dotted line today and paid our deposit! We are in the GSH family now! Haha
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    Carlton Hotel

    the empress ballroom looks damn big but I have only 20 tables. Anyone knows if they will split up the ballroom or partition the ballroom?
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Coco>>>> I cannot view the photos in your FB, it shows error message. From what I read...1188++ per table sounds damn steep leh, can cover most of the costs with ang paos?
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    hey cocotin!! Of course, my fellow Jan 2010 forummer! Haha, how's the service with them? expensive or not?
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    Hi peeps, I just came to know this wonderful banquet place! Oh my god, looks damn chio! we are only planning on 20 tables, anyone knows if they allow that? Can any kind soul send me their package? [email protected]
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    hey lovely couples, would you mind to share any pictures of the Windsor or Tudor ballrooms? We are also considering ballrooms to accomdate our 20 tables banquet. Thanks!
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    Park Hotel Orchard

    Hey people! Has anyone seen the new ballroom of Park Hotel Orchard? How are the rooms for bridal suite? ANyone has latest info to share? Thanks in advance!
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    Orchid Country Club

    Hi all, can i ask if we are required to be members of the OCC in order to hole our banquet there? Anyone has pics to share on the peach garden in OCC? My alternative is to hold it in the PG. DO they allow catering from PG but using OCC ballroom? Do they have minimal tables? Since we only...
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    China Club

    anyone has additional info on china club? I love the chinese decor but was wondering if there are latest updates on pricing and other stuff. Their website is way outdated
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi all!! My wife and I are also looking to source for wedding banquet venues. We had our ROM this year and will hold our banquet in early 2012. My wife loves staircases so MC is definitely in our list! I feel so excited after reading all the happy reviews! How's the food there and what about the...
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    (2010/01) ROM in Jan 2010

    hello all fellow ROM couples...married couples by now! How is everyone? How are the love nests coming along? My Punggol spring key handover should be middle next year! Haha. Now going to plan to look for banquet venues. Update update peeps!!!
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    (2010/01) ROM in Jan 2010

    it's been a long long while... how's everyone coming along? Love nests ready? In the midst of renovations? Preparing for AD? I am still waiting for my punggol springs to finish building...estimated by 2nd quarter 2011. Updates anyone?
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    (2010/01) ROM in Jan 2010

    hucklebeary>> U didn't calculate the date of your AD? So fast the master give u dates liao ah?
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    Fairy Inc

    I totally agree with princesspanda =) We made our wedding bands there as well and really satisfied with their designs. Basically they can "sense" your style by the way you look through their catalogue and samples and will guide you to the style u like. Worth a look definitely. The costs are...