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    Question for all husband

    Marriage is for a lifetime through good and bad times. Of course, it is easier said than done, as we can see from the increasing divorce rates. Marriage is not the end of our love/ learning journey for our spouse, instead we should continue to learn and understand and love them so that our...
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    Special Education Teachers

    ya i am a special ed teacher in one of the schools you mentioned. it depends on the class you are teaching, when you are new in school, the principal won't give you a class with challenging pupils(the extreme case that you mentioned) if you really have a one in your class, most likely, they will...
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    Special Education Teachers

    The pupils wont bite or hit you. Only one or two with more severe issues. When pupil is agitated just let him/her calm down first. I think we humans are all like that just that their coping skills is not as good as us that's all. plus the chances of the pupil self inflict injury is higher than...
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    All about rebonding

    hi AK, i dun think it's advisable to rebond your hair as during your PS, the hair setting thingy might do more damage your arrow straight hair than the normal hair. <imagine> better to rebond after wedding :P
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    i suggest you go to a GP first then. He will advise you from there or refer you to a specialist. Dun be too stress abt it, it may be one of the causes of your hair loss. Are u female or male? for female, it's usually thining of hair all over, for male, it's receeding hairline or a balding patch...
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    Recommend products for skin whitening

    Hi i think the tube comes in 2 different top. one with a screw cap, another more common type is the one with a twisted top. to store the twisted one, just invert the twisted top, use it like a stopper can liao.