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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    so anyone got the new rooms recently? hehee
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    An emcee script for the wedding dinner

    Hi, Can anyone send me too? My email: [email protected] thanks!
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    Academy Video Productions

    Hi, Can u send me a quotation of your PG and VG service. My AD is on 8th Nov 2008 Thanks [email protected]
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    can someone send me this song? email: [email protected]
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    Any recommendation for Contractor (not ID pls)?

    Hi, I am intending to do flooring, toliet and L-box for my resale flat.. Any contractor to recommend? can email contact to my email? [email protected] thanks in advance
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    JP - Mr Chia Ti Yu

    Can send me his photo too? [email protected] Thanks!
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    Solemnisation cum wedding lunch @ Furama Riverfront

    yah i am also very interested in what u have bargained for. BTW, does the package includes room?
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    39 East

    Hi, Can send me the package details of PG & VG for ROM session and AD session? Thanks My email: [email protected]
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    Any hotels with outdoor ROM???

    hello, i am also keen to see the pictures, can send to me? [email protected]
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    A Budget ROM? Any advice?

    Hi all, Can you share with me the quotations for various hotels too. My email add is [email protected]. Thanks alot.
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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    Hi Design, Can share the pictures of the place with and without the extra decor? Thanks..... my email is [email protected]
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    SG Bridal in JB

    can share picture? [email protected] thanks
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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    hello.. can share what u all bargain for the ROM at amara?
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    Diamond ring - wat size ?

    Ben: Why Ring C? actually i like ring C alot but its not all excellent... dunno if it affects the briance(dunno how to spell)
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    Diamond ring - wat size ?

    Can i check i have walk ard and search but dunno which 1 to choose... if you are me which will u choose? Ring A 0.40 F VS2 Cut: Excellent Polishing: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Price: $2071 Ring B 0.39 F VS1 Cut: Excellent Polishing: Very Good Symmetry: Excellent Price: $2217...
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    SG Bridal in JB

    anyone can share ur package cost and location of SG bridal in JB? Thanks! Email me at [email protected]
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    Grand Plaza Parkyroyal Solemnisation

    anyone has the ROM package for Grand Plaza Parkyroyal Solemnisation ? Can email me at [email protected]? Thanks!