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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    Hi girls, I am thinking of signing up Amanda Lee,heard their gowns are nice, is it true? How abt the photos? If photos are not good also no use right? Anyone can share on nice gown pics frm Amanda? Please send to [email protected] Thanks!
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    Hi Su-Ann & Huiling, I am also interested in booking SAM. Can you share ur picture and also costing too. Thank you. My email is [email protected]
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    Any comments on Cis**rn?*=e?

    Anyone has any experience with sky from ci*s*rn? How is he? Please give me some advise or any to recommend. I am very confused. All the different IDs seem to say they are very good and I cant differentiate Please help me thanks
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    Any comments on Cis**rn?*=e?

    Hi all, I am gg to sign up with this company soon, supposedly last week. Having heard all these I am a bit worried. Slowwalker and sharlene can you tell me your ID in charge and also whether they are good? Please email me at [email protected] Thanks