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    hi i have for sale 2 travel books about San Francisco. Pls take a look. Thx.
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    Chin Leng pls help....

    hi CL, may I know why my WTE (want-to-exchange) vouchers thread was deleted? i just want to exchange my Tangs vouchers to other vouchers. same value to same value. I'm not selling for profit. in fact, i'm not selling anything at all. Just purely exchanging. Pls kindly advise. Thanks!
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    Any Coach handbags fan here ???

    ohstrawberry, maybe ask ur fren to email Coach directly to ask? Can try this:-
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    hi T&P, zhuzhu & bvbride, i'm from Malaysia . Both mine n my hubby's parents still there. And my hubby's working hours is pretty bad, don't think he can help out much. So that's why I will need a CL. However my Mom will be coming over to help out with the housework coz I don't have...
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    hi zhuzhu, my EDD is 5th August. dunno gender yet leh. Hope can know soon coz can't wait to start my baby things shopping...keke. So u didn't have CL also? hi T&P, me will be a 1st time mommy. I'm worried I can't handle it. So want to have a CL around. actually I'm not local. I've...
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    hi ladies, I used to be silent reader of this thread. Like to read about your maldives trips and look at your pictures. Now I noticed it has become a motherhood & baby thread...keke.. hehe..i know it's strange to ask here but just trying my luck here. I'm currently looking for a...
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    Account suspended

    fairysparkle, just FYI, this is what i learn the hard way, as I had my acct suspended before also:- 1) Sprees are not allowed 2) Selling for profit is not allowed.
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    Account suspended

    ariesta, Chin Leng is a guy ;)
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    Mods, can do something abt this?

    err...the seller is only selling the condoms, not trading leh. Pls see her later post. I personally feel there's nothing wrong with selling condoms. She's not doing business, only selling 6pc leh. Probably is leftover. Perhaps she's TTCing now and thus have no use for them. Since condoms...
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    Please delete this thread

    hi Chin Leng, Pls help to delete this thread. Thanks!