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    Wedding Rings

    hi girls! just a warning.......... DON'T EVER EVER EVER EVER GO TO HUNG JEWELLERS ALONG ORCHARD ROAD. my and my fiance went there and we were cheated BIG TIME. 600 for WG wedding rings with NO DIAMONDS nothing. super upset. i think we were really tired frm all the wedding planning so didn't...
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    Thematic Wedding?

    oh man. a shanghai theme sounds very exciting!! i was thinking abt that actually but then my mother (can't remember who actually) thought it might come out all wrong. you can have like a grand old shanghai thing with cheong sams and the 1920s splendour and decadence. oh i'm getting excited for...
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    Men suit

    if you want an excellently made suit, try: Rossi by Justmen's (Mellenia Walk) or Justmen's (Tanglin Shopping Centre) Only abt 800 for a perfectly tailored suit with wearer's initials sewn inside :P
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    Wedding Rings

    arghhh reading this forum makes me feel annoyed!!!!!! i bought white gold wedding rings for 600 per pair!!!!!!!!!!! annoyed!!!!!!!! sighhhh... we should have done our research. i think we were just too tired and pooped out after doing intensive wedding preps over one week that at the end we were...