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    Advice needed! Where to get small wooden framed chalkboard?

    Hi ladies!.. I'm looking for a chalkboard as props.. Anyone knows where I can get one bout A3 size thereabouts? Thanks a million!
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi Prada.. Was going for 2/12.. Hmm dun tink I shld mention the name here bah? î…
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi just wanna share my recent upsetting experience with Marriott.. Decided to meet up with the wedding planner for discussion and ballrm viewing last wk.. Also made a tentative booking with them as the date was still available.. Exactly 1 wk later another coordinator called to say that the date...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi Felix, thanks for the info given. Have liaised with shi shi and she has been very helpful too. However htb feels that Marriott is a little on the high side after taxes, so we're still looking around. Thanks anyway!
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi anyone has the email add of Pan Pacific that I can use to get sm package info from them? Cos I tried the one from their website but got no response for a few days le Thanks in advance!
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi, anyone able to share their package with me? Thanks alot! Can email mi @ [email protected]
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi ladies, I'm considering an AD lunch at marriott but based on the pic tat they sent to mi, the lunch theme seems quite plain. Anyone has pics and can share with mi? Juz need a feel of how it actually looks like. Also, anyone topped up for the dinner themes? Thanks alot!