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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    Hi all: I will be booking with Oriental for my wedding on Sept 6. We will have about 10 tables at the Garden Suite. Went there on Valentine's Day prior to a wedding starting. Looks very romantic with the "love" theme. Although I do not quite like the way the floral bouquet is designed...
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    To have or not have A wedding celebration!

    Hi Peppercorn: My wedding is in Sept. Lucky for me, I am not from a very traditional family. My fhb is Australian. So both sides do not have too much burden. Hence we are free to make choices and decisions. Yet we are following some of the chinese traditions. What I think is if you can...
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    Advice needed - Anyone did not chu jia from your parents place?

    Hi all: I am getting married in Sept. Only semi following chinese tradition. My f hb is Australian. He and his family will be picking me and my family up from my sis apartment. We will then return to our new apartment and have tea ceremony there. AD schedule: 9:00 Bride make up and...
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    Any Singaporeans Staying In Overseas

    Mrs N: At work, the bunch of colleagues I worked with were very close. We could talk and share about anything. But after work hours, we went our separate ways to home. We hardly did not do anything on weekends or weeknights. If we did, it was only after multiple schedulings and tries. Even...
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    Any Singaporeans Staying In Overseas

    Thank you for the welcome. I married an American, that was why I moved to US. A few years ago, we got divorced. Later I met my current bf, an Australian/US PR. Last year, he found a job in Singapore, that is why I am back. My experience in the States overall is good. The only one...
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    I am also looking for job. Gone for three interviews, but nothing pends out. Feeling a little discouraged. Just sent out my resume to Adecco Temp Agency. Hope to hear back soon.
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    Any Singaporeans Staying In Overseas

    Hi, my situation is reverse. I was in the States for 14 years. Just returned back to Singapore for permanent stay about five months ago. Still trying to adjust my life back to Singapore pace and trying to re-establish myself.