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    Agnes B necklace

    hi... anyone knows hw to clean agnes b necklace...? can clean n polish it like normal silver accessories?
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    hi all, i read that flossing is essential bt hw do u go abt doing it?? right nw i m juz diligently using the special toothbrush n mouthrinse every mrng n nite bt nt v sure hw to floss wif my braces on...pls advise... thx in advance!
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    hi all, finali plucked up my courage n went ahead wif tis biggest decision of my life, after reading all ur postings...juz had 4 teeth extracted tis mrng...n was a crybaby...cried in the dentist's chair...hee! abit traumatizing for me at nw getting used to the gaps le...for my case...
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    Anyone had Homogeneous tiles for Living Room?

    Hi, i have notice a layer of matt surface on those new homo tiles that i have not laid for my living room. Was wondering how can we remove that surface and make it gloss cos my id told me homo tiles cannot be polished only acid wash. As i got to lay additional homo tiles to my living room, I am...
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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi ladies, Thanks for all the suggestion. Think putting an insert inside the invitation card should be the best idea cos people will pay special attention to it.
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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi ladies, I just booked my banquet at FRF. However, i find that many of my frens and colleagues tend to misunderstand the hotel to be the one at chinatown. Anyone here can give advise how to prevent guest from going to the wrong hotel? Thanks
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    Anyone staying in Bukit Panjang

    hi pekochan, thanks definitely will try.
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    Anyone staying in Bukit Panjang

    hi I am staying at Senja link, every morning when i am going to work, i see private bus below my house, so i am wondering anyone of you here know where these bus are going? cos i am actually looking for any private bus that will go direct to my workplace at Suntec city in the morning as i find...