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    Phuket, Patong Beach

    Hi, can try to rent a jeep in phuket to cruise ard. (forgot how much is it, but it's cheap) u get to explore diff parts of phuket..haha..we even found a mini waterfall in phuket..n also went to their fish mkt(not frequent by tourist).. juz cruise ard n c what u can find...
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    Fortune telling

    hi, i feel that fortune teller must hv "yuen" to tell your n my frens went to the same fortune teller, her's is v "zhun", mine somewhat zhun, the rest is future n not materialised yet,while my the other fren is totally crap... so, i guess even if u hear something v gd or bad...
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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    hi, can send me too;) [email protected]
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    Planning a trip to london, Paris, Switzerland, Amsterdam.

    Hi, from london to paris, u can take easyjet... very cheap, flight journey is abt an hour... the flight ticket is depending on how early u book the ticket...really cheap..