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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    I tried IPL before with a GP for underarm, the hair is not removed completely but becomes very fine. However, after about 2 years, the coarse hair starts to grow back and it's like back to square one!! So I don't trust IPL anymore. Now, I'm giving it a second try with the Variable Pulsed...
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    Catholic Brides

    Hi Cookiebunny, Yup. No real flowers allowed. But since i've made my own wrist corsages for jie meis. I just have to use the same materials to make pew decors. Should be quite quick and easy.
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    Catholic Brides

    Hi cookiebunny and lovebug, I'll be sharing with another bride. Spoke to the florist and she said we cannot choose flower and the arrangement. Can only choose colour. And no flowers at the pews. $200 is the min budget. Do you have another idea what difference it'll be from the normal mass...
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    Jonathan Cain Wedding March ??

    Hi Jenn, Can you PM me the song as well. Thanks very much!
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    Catholic Brides

    Hi gals, Would really appreciate it very much if someone could share the template of the wedding booklet with me. Having only a service. Thanks! cookie bunny & lovebug, I read with horror abt the florist situation. I haven't called her yet but was kinda prepped abt it by my wedding...
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    Catholic Brides

    Hey Bliz, Actually, you dun have to worry about the HDB 3 mths time frame. Cos i'm actually getting my HDB keys today but only getting married in July. I photocopied the form signed by the Father to state that he'll be soleminizing our marriage on that date and in church. And HDB was...
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    Amore Day Spa

    Hi Ladies, I'm thinking of upgrading to their 40 massage + 40 scrub/wrap package. Cos the massage is not just limited to the Aroma one but includes Haven, Shiatsu & Toxic Clear Therapy (which i want for water retention problem). And any wrap and scrub. The price is very reasonable...
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    Biotherm products

    Has anyone tried the Drain' Choc?
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    Regent Singapore

    Jam Choo ... Can clarify on what you mean that they're flexi abt the theme? Went for the show and am undecided what theme to choose. I like the Jazz stage setting, the Dreamz table set up and the tranquility one in general. The only concern we have for the tranquility is that the stage...
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    Regent Singapore

    Hi Gambit, I didn't manage to get much perks. Had to exchange the photo montage (since i'm getting a friend to do it) in order to get more wine. Jam Choo, I already signed up for the show but we spoke to Petrina and she said cannot give free tickets. So far, Petrina is very nice, but...
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    Regent Singapore

    Hi Jam, I can't believe it. It's one bottle per table and waiver! I've already confirmed and tried to bargain for that but they refused to budge then. I doubt they'll throw in the goodies now. Hmmm ... shall ask my co-ordinator. At least any free tic to the show. Ann
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi Zann, Could i have a link to your photos as well? We're considering the tower ballroom. Has anyone been able to negotiate for more wine on top of the free one per guaranteed table? Cos the wine at Shangri very ex leh.