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    4 inch wedding shoes

    I find it very uncomfortable if its a 4". Its a day to look good, and if the heels is so high might make the whole process (lots of walking) look tiring and 'pain'.
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    About Long John Silvers

    I am a fan of all fast food: Long John Silver KFC Burger King A&W McDonalds Carls Junior & Many More.......... But i do agree the price are pretty ex now. My current in store is Carls Junior, unlimited top up of drinks, salsa and sauces, big burgers etc. But you pay 50%...
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    Good Bridal Shop in JB?

    Try ·¨¹ú°ÍÀè at Sentosa.
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    No Honeymoon

    I don't have it!! But its allright. Its honeymoon everytime you spend with your love one, unless there is no more love!!
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    Anyone has done this before?

    I have my ROM and i we decided not to hold Dinner. Many years down the road we change our mind. So to have a dinner i decide to you either do it grand or you don't do it at all. I finally settle down with a grand one in Shangri La. Actually for the pictures, it really sits in the store...
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    Which hotel to go to???

    When i went to the wedding fair at Orchard it was nice but when i attended a friend's wedding, it was so so. First the march in is L shape and not straight which i dislike. Second, it has another wedding at the same time. I would say those that cater to 1 wedding at any 1 time looks better.
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    Who Pays For Customary? does the guy side pay for everything??

    I think now its quite modern. Me and my hubby paid it together on the deposit and then use the red packet to foot the remainder. We share most of the expenses. Its my wedding and i wanted it to be nice, so i didn't mind forking out extra from my pocket to get things for my big day.
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    HOKKIEN BRIDES... AnyOnE?~~~~~~~~~~

    Personally i think Si Dian Jin is really not needed. I wanted to prepare Si Dian Jin oso b4 my wedding cause i didn't know it only applies to individual dialect as I DIY most of my stuff without asking for advise. In the end i forgo it because I have insufficient time to buy it for myself...
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    Ang Bao Box

    Wow so many nice designs, looks easy to decorate the Ang Pow box too.
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    AD before Flat?

    Its kind of weird to stay at your own place after AD.