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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    yoyo, saw ur earlier posting abt aikido. i am an aikidoka too. so's my hubby, infact it's aikido that brought us together. out of curiousity, which dojo do you train at ?
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    THH, Maybe you might want to try this cake shop in Bukit Timah (Greenwood Avenue) called Lana Cake Shop. They have an excellent chocolate cake :p~~ worth to drool over. It's abt SDG25/kg. Different from other choc cakes. Not creamy or fruit nutty. Moist.
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    Holiday in Gold Coast & Sydney

    hi aussie, travelling in oz is easy. the gold coast is actually near the line separating NSW and Queensland. if you go to the central bus station in gold coast, you should be able to purchase coach tickets to sydney central station. have a look at this coach service...
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    Church Ceremony at Hotel

    hey notty, i quite agree with gayle. i have read a book abt a little girl who was a christian but didn't go to church becos she felt that god was everywhere and in her heart. and i thot that is very true. the church is the body of christ but you hold jesus in your heart too. having...
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    Church Ceremony at Hotel

    Hi Notty, My solemnisation and wedding dinner will be held at Mandarin Orchard. My FH and I wanted one location for the 2 events becos it would save us the hassle of dealing with 2 parties.
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    Church Ceremony at Hotel

    Hi notty, Yup, my solemnisation will be held on the same day as the dinner. We've set 11 am for the solemnisation and becos it's just a civil ceremony, it won't be that long. We have catered for abt 30 - 35 guests @ sgd28/+++ per head for the hi-tea. We thot it would be nice to allow our...
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    Church Ceremony at Hotel

    hi notty, You can book a function room from the hotel to do the solemnisation. Size of the room depends on your numbers. I am using the same hotel (as for my dinner) for the solemnisation and am providing a hi-tea buffet style for the guests. If you do not intend to have any refreshments...
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    hi everyone, Yah, indian food is always full of starch and ghee. How to lose any weight (and not gain any) eating indian food ? Monica, please, please, please do find out the crispy prawn fritters recipe. Is it like the tempura one where you have to use cold water to make the batter ?
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    hi kpo, fried version of doufu - minced meat, is that using the tau-pok and turned inside out ? i think i have eaten it somewhere. probably what he does is to beat the eggs up and as you stir the soup, pour it in. the egg mixture cooks in a fluffy way. btw, with the teriyaki chicken...
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    yah .. i like this topic too ! i am very much a food person and don't mind cooking. (but it is doing damage to the figure !). dried scallops - absolutely tasty additions ! my grandma used to add cuttle fish strips too ! she has a simple recipe of white radish and red carrot soups. just have...
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    hi gals, was reading thru all the notes posted here. annie, i found that site some time ago too and drooled over the recipes whilst in oz. :p~ i love to cook too ! anyone interested in brewing chinese soups ? got an easy one - lotus root soup. you can prep this the night before too...
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    Hilarion Goh Photography

    Hi Hilarion, Would appreciate it if you could send me your price list for actual day photography. Would it be possible for to squeeze in outdoor shoots as well ? My actual day is a combo of private solemnisation ceremony in the late morning and wedding dinner. My email address is...
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    I need a JP

    Hi Oak, I don't think you ought to wait. My wedding is on Oct 7. Call me kiasu but Dr Anamah Tan seems to be a popular person so I got my fiance to call her in January. Early bird catches the worm ! ;) When you do make the contact with the JP and he/she agrees to do it, all you need to...