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    How many hr needed for AD videography?

    Hi lemonzil...Thnx for the info.. What u say makes sense... Just wondering y photography quotes min 8h but videography is min 6hr. Who did u engage for videography? How's their quality n service?
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    How many hr needed for AD videography?

    Hi all. Wondering if 6hrs is enough for morning gate crash till wedding lunch. Gate crash starts at 8 leave Hm before 9. Reach restaurant. Tea ceremony n rom at 11-12. Lunch starts at 12.30. Ends at 3. Do we need videography all the way til end of lunch reception? Pls advise ladies. Thanks!
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Me too.. i'm Nov 2014 bride. Consulted Master Tong for my dates.
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    Anyone skip an chuang

    Hi all.. my customary will be before my BTO flat arrives.. As we are not intending to get a new bed yet, is it possible to skip an chuang? Anyone skipped?
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    (2014/03) MARCH Brides

    Hi ladies, me too.. planning to ROM and customary in 2014.. Havent decided any dates yet.. any geomancer to recommend?
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    Si dian jin?

    Hi ladies... what is si dian jin?is si dian jin only for teochews or it's a chinese tradition? does anyone do without si dian jin?
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    Proposed vs engaged; boyfriend vs fiance

    thanks megal.. i regarded myself as engaged but my fiance disagree and said must rom then considered engaged.. but rom means legally married isn't it? confused...
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    Proposed vs engaged; boyfriend vs fiance

    When ur bf has proposed to you, does it mean you're engaged already? or must have engagement party ? Then does it also mean he is your fiance or still address as boyfriend after proposal? BLur with the terms..