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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    I booked Chijmes. my FH and I really like the place. But we havent booked the caterer yet. As for BS signed up for E-Bridal (imm) during their exhibition in expo. Kind of regret signing up, coz havent done enuf comparison :p. Now afraid the result wont be good. We were extremely...
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    Hi hi hi.. I am also jan 2005 bride.. cutiebear, my tentative date is same with you ler.. I also super KS.. already booked the venue + BS..
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    Hi little_bride, I will be having my wedding in chijmes, early 2005. booked liao.. ks one :p .. most likely will be using kriston. my FH also wants to have in dec 2004 for the christmas ambience but then my mother does not agree coz 2004 got number 4. so bo pian change to 2005 lor...