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    My 17k dream flat come true...

    Hi yoyo, can u email me yr contractor's contact to [email protected] Tks !
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    dear fondue & pet, Thank you very much for yr valuable advice & input, at least I hv a clearer pic. now. As I will be doing mainly only carpentry work , false ceiling and lights installation, i think Ah soon will be good enuf for me.
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    Cld someone upload some photo of their hse reno. here done by Ah Soon. Is there a alot of co-ordination work needeed to be done (like go to the shop ourselves to choose reno material for carpentry work etc.) if engaging Ah soon since he is not an ID. hope to gather some advice..
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    Hi All, can someone email me ah soon contact . My email add : [email protected] Thanks a million !
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    Hi, Can I hv Ah soon contact nos. as well. Thanks !
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    Hi all, I am new here. Can someone pls share with me who is this 'Ah Soon' (is he a contractor or ID). I will be getting my apt next mth and looking for a trustworthy/good contractor to do-up my place. Wld be glad if some of you can give me some recommendation. Thanks a million !
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    ice cool princess, Where ? I m keen
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    Anyone know of a good place to rebond hair

    Hi Serene, u mentioned professional hair dresser ? May I know which salon is he/she previously from ?
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    Y.L.S. Buffet Catering

    How abt the set-up by YLS Catering ? Any comment.... How is Yeh Lai Siang as compared to YLS Catering. Can't decide which 1 to consider.