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    Any Korean drama serial fans here?

    Hi Vyvy, How much is the DVD cost for Gong? Can help me to get one also. You can contact me at [email protected]
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    Any Emcee Speech to Share?

    Hi, Anyone have buffet lunch speech? can e-mail me? [email protected]
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    I finally found someone

    Thanks Ling
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    Anyone have I DO (CHERISH YOU) ?

    Hi, anyone can send to me as well Thanks [email protected]
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    Accessories, veils & gloves, etc

    Hi D.O.G. Can send the contact to me too [email protected]
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    Anyone has BE MY GUEST?

    Hi Jas, Can send ti to me? [email protected]
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    I finally found someone

    Hi, can send to me too? [email protected]
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    Anyone has BE MY GUEST?

    Hi, I got this song, but it is .cda format, after i copy it to my PC it can't open. Can anyone help?
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    Hi, I also book GCW for my AD, but mine is a hi tea reception. I need some advice on ballroom reco, is anyone can help me?
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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    hi keruri, can mail to me too,[email protected] thanks