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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi Lynn, my food tasting is slightly before yours. Probably cos we booked early so Lynnette has confirmed my menu b4 she informed about someone else taking over her. Upon hearing that she's leaving, I'd arranged a meetup with her n e new coordinator to run through some questions and to take the...
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Hi btbs, wana ask if its e norm to get e MUA to stay for 2nd march in, where she can change ur hairstyle? Do ur bs charge extra for that? If so, how much extra? Thanks!!
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    (2012/09) SEPT 2012 BTB

    Hi Charlene, can i know wich website did u get ur jiemei dresses from? Thanks!
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    Hi Jasmine, can u also email me ur mua contact? Does she hav a blog/fb page to view her works? My email is [email protected]. Thanks lots!!
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Bernie, ur BS doesn't provide the wedding gown? For MIL and mum evening gowns, depending on your negotiation with the BS. Some will include in the package but dont tink the BS will have a good selection and limited size range only. So better to start sourcing elsewhere. Maybe check out TANGS? I...
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    WTS: Bridal Gown & Evening Gown (Good deal)

    Hi, can you email pics and measurements to [email protected]? Thanks!
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Hiya gals! Im a May'12 Btb too My AD is around end May. Started e prep abt 2 mths ago. Have confirmed hotel, booked local bs for Rom & AD, ordered wedding bands, booked with a taiwan based bs for ps. Now planning for a simple rom in Jan. Have jus chosen a simple Rom dress (long grecian look...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi, for those who have attended Sheraton's wedding workshop previously, can u share what type of perks or promotions were offered?