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    Hi NYC gurus...where will be a good location to stay in NYC...Downtown, mid or upper ? i will be staying for 4 nights in NYC before moving off to Boston (self drive)...
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    ASA Travel Agency - Europe

    My Spain experience with ASA can be summarized in one word 'Crappy' - lousy venue when in major cities i.e. Madrid & Barcelona, Lousy guide - &^$# expletives, run down other agencies (if u need to run down others to make yourself look good - personally think you are worse), tried to...
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    Dynasty Travel Group Tour to Europe

    Think 45 is e max cos that's close to the max a bus coach can take.
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    New Zealand

    300km to 400km with stops in between are pretty fine. (Passenger do yr part by keeping a good conversation with the driver). Try to do the longer route in the morning when u r fresh. Most importantly, get a detailed map (GPS will be great) and plan yr route well. Btw, NZ is pretty easy to get...
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    Japan Tour (Hokkiado)

    Nice ! It's more relaxed and the locals r friendly & helpful. Nov - likely u will be able to see autumn colours...was there with SingExpress in May 07.
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    ASA Travel Agency - Europe

    Same here 11 days Spain with ASA cfmed - mid dec
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    Europe tours by CTC or SA

    Funny...why ur friends & relatives still travelling with CTC all season..when u have bad experience wif them ? Likely u signed up with CB for ur coming tour and trying to encourage fellow forumers to take CB.
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    CTC or Dynasty Travel

    was with CTC to Italy & Swiss, it was pleasant. can't say the same for Chan Bros - also to Europe. Suxs man ! really depends on the tour package u signed up..
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    Any Recommendations for Travel Agency?

    Never join CB after my 1st experience with them...below average food & hotels. As for Japan - the hotels are mostly above avg so no surprises - any agency can provide decent accomodation in Japan. My view is if an agency spent so much $ on adverts & commercial it got to come from...
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    Anyone gg 15D Italy/Swit/Paris with Dynasty on 27 Oct 08?

    During the briefing the temp for Italy 7 to 14 degree Cel while Swiss is snowing already temp 8 to -ve 10 (up the Alps). So be prepared.
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    Anyone gg 15D Italy/Swit/Paris with Dynasty on 27 Oct 08?

    Will be gg with CTC 14days Italy/Swiss on 11 DEC..a list of optional tours given out but advise to take up Gondola Serenade Eur35, City of Romeo & Juliet Eur28, Lake district Eur30 and Junfraujoch Chf179. Any idea which one can skip ?? Thks
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    CTC or Dynasty Travel

    I been on trips to Japan, Perth, Melbourne/Adelaide & USA with CTC and have enjoyed them. Can't say the same for my Taiwan trip with ChanBros & it sucks....lousy accomodation/meals + long coach journey (Boycott CB from then on). I believe big travel agency r on average pretty ok, our...
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    HELP! wats the weather for July in Tokyo? Raining & Typhoon or? -----

    Tokyo tends to experience more rain in the month of Aug & Sept. July is still pretty ok.
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    Nd help on Hokkaido tour package!

    Been to Hokkaido with SingExpress excellent accomd n food. I went earlier n nice. In fact, i would recommend self-drive for those adventurous type..veri easy to get around n the local r veri nice n helpful.
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    Any Recommendations for Travel Agency?

    My wife & myself 'ban' Chan Bros after our Taiwan trip. Given lousy accomd n food...furthermore their frontline staff r veri snobbish..if u ask more Qs they give u an impatient look n answer with a Y or N....I rather spend my $ else where...we have pleasant experience wif CTC - New Zealand n...
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    New Zealand Tour - Group departure or join Local Group in NZ

    Low, u back in Sg ? Love to hear yr experiences in NZ wif S.A. cheers
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    New Zealand Tour - Group departure or join Local Group in NZ

    Low, Mine S$2348 w/o tax flying SQ. Wanted to booked wif SA during NATAS fair but they dun have the price list ( only up to end 2005 ). So in the end settle for Dynasty.
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    New Zealand Tour - Group departure or join Local Group in NZ

    I booked wif Dynasty - 8 days NZ Glacier departing 28th Jan 06. find their package value 4 $ than Chan Bros/SA/Ananda. Anyone travel wif them B4.
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    Japan trip - Chan Brother or CTC ?

    My family went last Lunar New Year - 7 days Central Japan. The local guide ws terrible.. gave us wrong info, makan before the whole group arrive fro meals. The jap guide very professional though, however decide not to book wif CTC for our future tours.