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    any one know abt the shuttle bus service form the new airport to the hotels in Bangkok?Any Link which will show which hotel the bus will stop?
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    Jialat leh! Really got nothing to do in the office!

    HAHA,salsa_babe, any job for me?
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    Jialat leh! Really got nothing to do in the office!

    Hi, Seems like i'm not alone,which i've been thinking so... nothing much to do in office.boss is busy that he has forgotten to give me more job.i don't mind to hv more job, job more me meh?I've shown to him that i can do,n he knew that... i think the next retrecnhment exercise will...
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    Any Good Air Con servicer to recommend?

    Hi, You may try FongYang.I used them for my regular servicing.So far,i'm very satisfied with their service... You can call 97807573
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    Local Part Time Maid

    Hi, I'm staying in Woodlands.Can someone PM me?
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    Armpit Hairs

    Hi Cleo, can email me at [email protected]
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Hi, Sharlene, can [email protected]
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    Hi Toto, I had my braces taken out about 5-6yrs back.And now my 2 front teeth protrude out again.Waste money...But i also did not diligently wear my retainers last time.
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    Armpit sweat

    Hi Fraiche, I don't apply after i've notice odour bcos' 1)The top is already stanined with the odour 2)I've tried washing my armpit in the toilet but no use. I pluck my armpit hair. will reduce the odour n don't grow so fast
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    Armpit sweat

    Fraiche I have the same problem. very embrassing. Even i also can't stand the odour. Can't imagine how the others will stand it. I'm using simple roll on.SOmetimes effective, sometimes not. N i notice that the odour will come when i wear the same tops. So i'm wondering if the 'bacteria' will...
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    any 3rd jan 04 brides?