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    Recommendation of Perfume ****

    Hi, Romance by Ralph Lauren used to get a very good response for me - I worked in a lounge and men would often ask me what I was wearing and comment on how nice it smelled.
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    Birthday gift ideas <IMG SRC="" ALT=":-(" B

    It really depends on the girl but try getting her some sort of stuffed animal, a bear maybe, then get a nice bracelet or locket and put it around the neck/arm of the animal. Throw in some chocolate, maybe some flowers maybe a promise to go out for a nice dinner sometime and then you have...
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    Anyone tried Ba Wang Shampoo?

    I finally bought ba wang anti-dandruff to try... The smell is okay.. not stinky... Quite pleasant actually... just that its a bit drying so have to use a stronger conditioner... as for scalp care still observing... still have flakes but not as much... hopefully it will improve!
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    How to coax / pamper your bf?

    Consider how he became your boyfriend in the first place and try to keep treating him that way. Cooking for him is good; if you aren't a good cook it's worth learning for both your sakes. The internet is a great source of information on cooking. Take the time to discover what he really likes to...
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    Am i pregnant?

    I Know It Sounds Mean, But If You Didn't Want The Chance Of Being Pregnant Than You Should've Used A Condom... I Know That It Does Happen And Your Emotions Get In The Way Of Being Cautious, But It Still Does Happen... Maybe You Should Get On The Pill Incase This Happens Again... Your Chance Of...
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    How to deal with inconsiderate nieghbours

    Most bullies are cowards at heart. Interesting concept and probably very real. Like a crab tough outer shell and soft inside.If mean people know they intimidate someone then they most often continue the unexceptable behaviors. So don't ever let a bully see you sweat or cry!
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    Anyone tried Kelloggs Speciak K diet?

    The Special K Diet is basically a marketing ploy by Kellogg to get you to buy more of their cereal and "nutrition" drinks and bars. There is nothing particularly magical about Special K cereal when it comes to weight loss. In fact, it's a pretty nutritionally empty food that is far too...
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    Thyroid Surgery anyone??

    I had my full thyroid removed. It was not but choice when they started my surgery only half was to be removed then they descovered that I had tumors on bothsides. I am in remission now but my sister the were more cautious and just removed the side with the tumor and it spread and by the time...
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    Does ur hubby snore??

    If he didn't snore before, but he's snoring now, there's a reason...did he gain weight? You'll need to check with a doctor for the reason. You can also try an over the counter snore stopper, it's a spray that's sold with the cold boyfriend has used it and it works pretty...
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    Hair Loss... Help...

    I think the most important thing is to identify the ' cause ' of your hair loss and treat it accordingly a) Is it due to nutrient deficient diet ? b) is it due to chlorine/pollution c) Do you have any other underlying hormone/stress related problem ? You can find several discussion...
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    Sexual harassment at work is it common?

    Despite common belief sexual harassment in the workplace has been about power and authority rather than sex, but the experience after the attack has proven to be more damaging than the original harassment and has adverse effect in the victims workplace, their family and friends, and the legal...
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    Feel old and haggard after broken relationship - Any gd product for anti aging?

    I use all organic products. Ladies, you would be surprised what is in our makeup that isn't good for us. Terressential site explains what is good for our skin and what to look for that isn't. Also Cosmeticdatabase is a great site to go on. Look up what product you use and they rate the hazard of...
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    Any recommendations on where hubby can go for facial?

    Hey, you might want to try the spa at Bukit Pasoh Road, Wen Spa. Went there for full body massage. The ambience is cozy and the massage is very relaxing, the masseur is experienced. No hard sales and pushy consultants. You can call them at this number: 62272722. They're having a promo of $38 for...
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    Browhaus vs salon #1

    I went to browhaus on Friday and the SA were trying to promote their skincare range Malin+Goetz. The Detox Face Mask seems to be quite good and was on Allure Awards. It smells like almond, has the bubbling effect and is supposed to be a deep cleanse and YET hydrating. Usually my deep cleanse...
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    Englander Mattress

    I went to an outlet today that sells Englander mattresses, intending to look only at laytex mattresses. However, the salesman also showed me an Englander "zero motion" mattress that is wrapped coil and laytex called the Andante and I thought it was quite comfortable. Does anyone have experience...
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    Advice on Ikea's Blinds and curtains

    I would think either would work and not fall down. We have the Kvartal system Kathy was mentioning, and have it ceiling mounted, but not into joists, so that's a similar mounting system. We haven't had any trouble with anything coming loose.
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    Paris accomodation

    In Paris, nowhere is "close to everything" because the main sightseeing destinations are spread out across the city. It's a long way from the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre to the Latin Quarter. That doesn't matter, however, as the public transport system (métro, bus) is fast, widespread, cheap and...
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    Trip to taiwan

    Im in Taipei now and i was wondering if anyone can help me find somewhere to hang out during the new years eve celebration. i want to see the fireworks display from afar and dont want to be squeezed in the crowd near Taipei 101. Is there any place where we can have a beer while watching the...
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    Kuala Lumpur

    Hello,my first time to travel to malaysia for a visarun.What is the best and cheap way to travel from Krabi (South Thailand) to Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia) by bus.How long does it take and how much does it cost in Thai Baht. And how far is the thai embassy from the busstation,what are the prices...
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    Any1 been to GUANGZHOU?

    guang zhou is quite happening ... been there once .... eh but then well the food there really very oily de loh ... might as well go shanghai if u going for Good night life !