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    Anyone had a To-do-list for helpers on wedding day?

    Can I also have a copy ?my email address is [email protected] Thanks.
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    Is it auspicious to have wedding in June ?

    My wedding is scheduled to be in June this year. However, there are some saying that it's not appropriate to be tie the knot in June (not the Chinese calendar) ? Reason being that it's considered that the bride will be a "half life" bride and such weddings will not last. Is it true? Worried.
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    Divorce, what is the procedure?

    Hi, will like to seek your advice as to whether should a separation or divorce be the best option for my husband and myself. Our decision to separate is an mutual one. My husband and myself has been dating for 7 years and married for 5 years. However, along the way, love fizzles out and he just...
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    Part time maid

    oopss... forgotten to post my email address.. here goess [email protected] Cheers
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    Part time maid

    Hi everyone, Any good recommendations of part time maid in the East area? Thank you! Cheers
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    Hi Su-Ann and Huiling, Do you mind sharing with me any photos and costing? Thank you in advance. Hope to hear from you soon. cheers, [email protected]
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    Electrical works? Through ID or separate contractor?

    Hi Lia and Little Lamb, Could you share the electrician's contacts with me as well? My email is [email protected]. Many thanks.
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    Hi everyone, I am new here. Gonna renovate my 5rm resale flat this mar/apr and am considering whether to choose Ho Bee as our main contractor? It seems like we have a lot of good reviews and faithful "fans" here. Will be following this thread very closely from now on. Cheers
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    Advice on Renovation Contractor

    Hi Kai Hui, Do you mind sending the contact of Tom to my email address as well? My email address is [email protected]. Many thanks in advance.
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Dear all and eastlibra, I am new here and my actual dinner is at 6th of June 2007. hee... i know it's a bit early to source for hotels now. Anyway, I love the nostalgic look of GWP. Any photos to share with me? Do you mind by sending the photos to [email protected]. And how's the food...
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    Advise needed on Renovation and ID!!

    my email address is [email protected] thanks again!
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    Advise needed on Renovation and ID!!

    Hi Stars, We are currently sourcing out for sub-contractors as well. Can you email me you sub-contractors contact. Many thanks in advanced. Happy New year to you.
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    5-room resale - how much to do up WHOLE unit??

    Hi Bella (shimmybella), Can you share with us the works and photos of the renovation works from the contractor you engaged? Thanks! My email is [email protected]