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    Gallery Hotel, anyone?

    look at Style Wedding .. they feature the price per pax for Gallery ..
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    Anyone have recommendation for wedding cupcakes?~~

    hi eileen, u thinking of joining the class? i think it is fully booked now .. i am interested as well..
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    Gallery Hotel, anyone?

    can someone send me pics of your ROM and package at Gallery Hotel ? [email protected] thanks a million!!!
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    Gallery Hotel

    neolq13 , sorry to hear that as well .. my coordinator is Hui Hui also ...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    Sherley: What do u mean caannot get the 5 June ??
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    can someone send me ah soon's contacts as well? email to [email protected] .... thanks!!
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    by the way, is 5/6/10 a hot date?
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    hi Gloria/Kelly, i also interested in holding at Pan Pacific. . care share with me your package? email me to [email protected]
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    can anyone email me Ah Soon's contacts as well? thanks !! [email protected]
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    3 rm resale reno budget

    hi ding, i do need help for the contacts as well.. waiting for your reply .. thanks [email protected]
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    My ROM pictures to share

    hihi piupiugoh, can i have your photographer contact as well? thanks!!
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    (2010/11) November 2010 BTB

    hihi crazybabe, u on the 14/11? where u thinking of holding it?
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    i also would like to try .. .can email to me at [email protected] thanks!!!
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    (2010/11) November 2010 BTB

    hi ace, u intend to take up whitelink?
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    Defer ROM Cert

    can i ahve a copy too? [email protected]
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    3 rm resale reno budget

    dear all, i need help for a 65sqm 3 rm renovation quotation ... can email me at [email protected] ... thanks
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    can send me the chinese vows as well? [email protected]