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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    Hmm... ask for address but can't PM you.. Okay, the address is The Concourse(Beach Road) Unit no: #01-05 near the main entrance.. The curler.. ELLA
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    Check your mail, mudpie..
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    Hi mudpie, Can't PM you. You have chosen not to receive PM from members here. Beware of immitations, saw something similiar in SASA selling at $12.90, so I bought one to try...very slow to heat up and can't really curl, anyway made in china, so that explains it! The morale of the...
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    Any good pores treatment to recommend?

    I went to Misha at Bugis the other day but the staff told me that the stock has ran out and must wait for a week. Must be effective! anyway it's the dsw pores tightening lotion.
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    Good concealer for dark eye rings ?

    Good recommendation, my friend has been using La prairie eye care for 5 years and so far not much wrinkles visible ( she's 52 years old). As for dark eye ring I'll recommend KOSE.
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    don't ask for the address cause it's not efective and expensive. I went for a few courses at a few beauty salon and it is not effective at all. At last one of the honest beautician told me the secret... It takes approx 1 year - 2 years of IPL to enable all hairs to be removed and do not grow...
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    One of my friend has dark eye circle for about 8 years, always using clarins product bot no improvement. She then switch to Kose and after 3 months, no more dark eye circle. But dunno if it works for eveerybody tho'..
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    Any good pores treatment to recommend?

    Thank you, I will go tomorrow to see if they have it there. Hope I can still remember how the bottle look like..
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    Eyelash perming

    Somehow Toxic from perming lotion and glue just don't affect Beautician and Beauty Salon owner. All of my friends and me had problem with falling lashes when we perm our lashes but the beautician swears that she has been perming hers for the last 10 years and NO PROBLEM???
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    Jurlique Products in Singapore..

    Jurlique now selling in OG chinatown!
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    Eyelash perming

    eyelash perming and extension will cause your lashes to drop cause the chemicals in glue and perm liquid is toxic, thus killing the eyelash folicle. if you are lucky, new ones will grow back, if not... fake lashes for the next 50 years
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    Best mascara??

    I quite like Loreal too and VOV from Korea. Both has good volume and VOV is waterproof.
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    Anyone tried eyelashes extension?

    My advice is not to go for eyelash extenion as the glue used is very toxic and in long run will kill youe eyelash folicle causing your eyelash to drop.(you'll end up without eyelashes) Try applying vitamin E and let your lash grow longer naturaly.
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    yes, using one AAA battery. Got it at The Concourse(Beach Road) unit 01-05 So far had bought 15 pieces cause all my girlfriends wanted it after they see the results. he he he... even got scolded for not telling them sooner..
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    Any Good Recommendation on Facial Scrub?

    Good advice Grape! Should take care when u have sensitive skin or it will get worse. Those over the counter product may not be suitable for you as the high chemical contents will irritate your sensitive skin. Go seek professional help. I use to have sensitive skin too, now ok after treatment.
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    Any good pores treatment to recommend?

    My friend gave me a bottle of pore tightening lotion from Korea. teh brand is Misha, I find it quite good but I accidently threw i the bottle away when I finished it. Shy to ask people to buy for me when I don't have bottle and forgot the exact name.
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    Try heated curler from ELLA, I was told it's their 3rd generation curler. Works like wonder, only 5 seconds to warm up and it only takes me 10 seconds to curl both eyes. The best thing is that it's slim like a pen and cost only $30.
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    Any comments on Devotion Beauty Centre

    Does Devotion has a first time trial? and how much? I would like to compare which salon is the best and value for money..he he he