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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    how many times did it take to work for you gals to have the hair at underarms totally removed? i went for 1 session so far only.
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    currently, there's a very good promo at $188 unlimited for underarms at musee. you can read more and see some pics here:
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    Pregnant to stop IN Laws from moving in?

    what's wrong with not wanting to stay with in-laws? filial piety is overrated!! it's one thing to take good care of ur parents/parents-in-law but is it so impt that you must happily want to stay with them? i think to each his/her own. i won't expect my children to stay with me unless...
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    Ulterior Motive

    i think ur friend is crazy and paranoid. even if there's a real love besides him, he won't be able to feel it too.
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    Fresh Grad's pay

    around $2k.
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    HB's ex-wife

    i think u should have a heart to heart talk to him. how's everything now?? u should not kick up a big fuss or u'll drive him away.
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    Boyfriend's ex tracking

    ignore her.
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    "Yam Seng" Vs Cheers

    yam seng got more "qi feng", ambience!
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    Fortune telling

    actually, a lot are not accurate.