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    Dogs: Beagles

    Hello wys, It has been a long time since i came into this website. How has Beagirl been? I am sure she is all grown up.
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    3 rm resale reno budget

    The contact number for the painter is not in use already. i tried calling but not in use leh.
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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    Hello, There are difference between the Contractor and the ID. For ID firms, they will engage staff to do very nice drawings to reflect your concept. It is always that the designing cost is in the renovation price. ID firms tend to narrow all the things to details to the smallest...
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    Any recommendation for ID and Contractors

    Hello Clarine and HL, If you would like, i have a responsible and yet charge reasonable rates for renovation contractor. He has just finish our home. Was also recommended by another person who was also recommended by another person in this forum. You can show him the picture Clarine. He...
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    Any recommendation for Contractor (not ID pls)?

    I can also recommend what starcom has recommended on the contractor as he really did a good job in our renovation. Email us if you are interested to know hs contact. I also met starcom online and saw his recommendation. And now he has just finish our project. [email protected]
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    10k Budget only for Reno, can help?

    miSsycAnDypRinCeSs , If you dun mind, can have a second opninion from another contractor with this list. so that you know if this is below the market rate. With 10k, you can do major part of the house. if interested can email me at [email protected] I can provide you the contacts.
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    Precious moments cross stitch!

    HI, I have finish the Bride and The Groom design. I am planning to make it into a ring pillow. do you think it is too big? And also, where will i put the ribbon?
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    Hello Stacey, Can i haev the quote for your painter? [email protected]
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    Christian Brides

    Hello Ribbons, Please take care of your fractured toe. Ok i understand about your wedding card. Will pop by TnT again to view their samples. Happy V day to every sisters here!! My FH is already in Kuching already. Thank God i din feel lost or upset cos i am alone today. I just work...
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    Christian Brides

    Hi ribbons, I only manage to find the shop called Nagamas Printing Enterprist at City Square. Do you recall the floor and the unit number? I like the card that they have made for you. The price they quote for 300-400 is about RM$350.
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    Christian Brides

    Hello! Well this year is our second time celebrating V-day and he is already back in Malaysia. BTW, does anyone knows where is a good shop to print cards? Any difference if you print them in Singapore and in JB?
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    Christian Brides

    Oops, Sorry about that update. it is amended as below: AD: 29th July 2007 Church: Trinity Christian Centre @ Paya Leba Church Deco: My Friends Caterer: Still looking Banquet: In Kuching and Ipoh BS: Venus JB Lovenest:Redhill
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    Christian Brides

    Hello Sisters, I am back! Lydia, great recommendation on the book. I will order that book soon. Fei, Pray that God will provide wisdom in choosing the church that both of you have peace in. God has been good. Since the last time i shared about my woes on the differences in...
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    Christian Brides

    hi hi, I am back!! wow the thread is getting longer and longer and i am losing track. Can i be in the list of prayer too? I also would like to pray for all of you too! Right now, i am looking for wedding helpers. And still settling for a contractor for my home. Now still wanna...
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    Christian Brides

    Hello, I am also in the process of choosing the marchin in song. ANy comments on" Kissing you" By Desiree in the movie Romeo And Juliet?
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    Christian Brides

    Hello weddin, God is good! thank you for your sharing! bbqueen, you got mail Currently we are having issue in choosing our wedding date. my FH always have a tendency to relate to chinese calendar. spoke to him about it and he sees it that since Chinese New Year also see Chinese...
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    Shoe cabinet Design

    Hello kimi, This is what i have in mind for the shoe cabinet. How much does your ID quote for this cabinet? My concern is that the shoes ahve no ventilation.
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    10k for 4room resale with such a list, possible?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, anyone care to comment on this quote for a 4-room standard 100 m2 new flat? The kitchen and the bathrooms are all tiles and have no intention to change the pipes to stainless steel or copper. A...
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    Christian Brides

    Hi, How long do you take to prepare the cards for like 300 people? Do you think the e-cards are a better option?
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    Christian church venues anyone?

    Hi, Maybe you can look at Trinity Christian Centre @ Paya Leba. the church has just gond thru Phrase 1 of the building. You can actually book a a wedding chapel there and the building comes with a roof top garden where guest can gather for reception or buffet. The place should be available...