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    Overseas wedding photoshoot

    Hey all! I did my overseas wedding photoshoot in kl and was very very pleased with the service and results. It was less than 1500sgd with gowns etc included. Super worth! Can contact eyeshot studio photography on fb. I did a full review on my blog as well.
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    Clothes for MIL

    As long as both side mothers agree on how formal they want to wear can already!
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    BTB Blogs

    Me! But i graduated... haha
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    Love Story Bridal Boutique review needed

    I signed up with memoire and co which was bought over by love story. My experience with memoire was very very good. Not sure how the merger worked though. Memoire had a really good selection
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    Grandcopthorne waterfront

    Hi! This ia 2 years late but i did sign up amd completed my wedding in 2018. No regrets!!!!!
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    Venue for ROM

    Hi guys i had my wedding in 2018 june at grand copthorne If anyone wants to have an outdoor wedding solemnization there can read this for some review! Def recommend it! We enjoyed ourselves alot...
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    WTS: Rico A Mona package

    Hi pls pm thank u !
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    Help to see TO-GET-LIST

    Hey! Was wondering which bridal boutique u signed with that allows return of all shots? Am looking for one like that but so far no luck :( thank u!
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    Grandcopthorne waterfront

    hi! Am quite interested in this hotel. Was wondering any graduated or graduating brides have any reviews for this hotel? Many thanks!
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    Jessica Cindy Bridal Gowns

    Hi pls pm thank u! :)
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    WTS 16 pc corelle dinner set

    Is blue set still available?
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    WTS Actual day package

    Hi can pm? Thanks!
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    WTS: Actual day package $2,300 nett. Make to Measure gowns x2

    Hi could u pm me? And also which bridal shop it's from? Thanks!