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    National Musuem For Wedding PhotoGraphy

    hi, Anymore photos to share taken at National Musuem ? Planning to do outdoor shoot there..
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    M Hotel Singapore

    You can get RIPS license which covers the music embedded in montage Category C Ad-hoc Licence for Reproduction of Sound Recordings into a videocassette tape or VCD or DVD as background music by per wedding couple for their wedding videography or photo...
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Any comments on the food? Thinking what to choose for food tasting.. advise on the meat, seafood, noodles/rice & dessert? Thanks.
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    Act Enforcement SIN for Videpgraphers and Photographers and newly wed

    Agreed, I think there should be proper guildelines instead of just issuing fines! Thanks for the effort for doing this..
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    Act Enforcement SIN for Videpgraphers and Photographers and newly wed

    Hi Mei Guan, so does it mean that as long as I contact from singers' management website, and if they permit .. I can use their song for my DIY montage right?
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    Act Enforcement SIN for Videpgraphers and Photographers and newly wed

    anyone know if the license ppl really gatecrash wedding banquets? if yes, it's not very nice right.. can hotel stop them as it is a private event? I don't intend to pay the copyright fees.. so unfair..
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    Anyone know if we can buy the Guo Da Li items in JB?**

    hi smilem > where is the location? thanks
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    Anyone know if we can buy the Guo Da Li items in JB?**

    if JB has shops that sell those chinese customary items for the guo da li ceremony like tea sets, candle.. etc Pls share..
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    M Hotel Singapore

    me too.. decided to go with M Hotel.. I must say their package is very comprehensive.. however still trying to neg for additional bridal suite stay.. but M hotel very resistant..
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Am considering Sheraton due to the attractive package and location. Only qualms is the grand ballroom being L-shaped.. Can our guests view our march-in and stage, is the view block?
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    Let's Share! How many marriage survived infidelity..

    Since there are so many sad stories in this forum on failed marriage due to affairs.. Let's share.. how many marriage actually survive infidelity and now in happy and stable stage...
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    Hi, I am also planning a Bali trip in Nov and has shortlised Kupu Kupu Barong or Komaneka at Monkey Forest in Ubud. Anyone been to any of these resorts before? Anyone took AirAsia to Bali? so far have checked that AirAsia has best timing unless I travel with SQ? Is it easy to book land...
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    Advise on ROM Venue???

    hi whisky, How is the food? I am holding my ROM next May at SC Tavern too. Managed to secure the price for this as next yr's price has increased!
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    Justice of Peace-Prof Yu Shi Ming

    Can i have Prof Yu email add. Thx
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    A loss on consulting "masters" for my wedding day..

    Hi, you can consult Master Deng from Fo Guang Hang. Master Deng is very approachable and pls make appointment. $38 and he provide a number of dates. Website:
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    ROM Invitation Cards

    Hi, I am thinking how to word my invitation. Will this do? sound funny? You are cordially invited to grace our marriage solemnisation. Date: 16th May 2009 (Saturday) Venue: Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Solemnisation will be held at 3:30 pm, afterwhich proceed for buffet.
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    Fortune telling

    Hi, i also need advise for ROM dates.. any recommendation?
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    Shortest way to lose weight

    Drink green tea!
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    DID I MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON? A forwarded email to share, and it does make sense!

    During one of our seminars, a woman asked a common question. She said, 'How do I know if I married the right person?' I noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so I said, 'It depends. Is that your husband?' In all seriousness, she answered 'How do you know?' Let me...