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    Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM)

    hi eltgal, can i know which package did you sign up with lavish? thanks alot. ( :
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    hi wiselyn, do you mind sharing your pic? thanks. my email is [email protected]. Thanks alot!
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    Rendezvous Hotel Singapore wrongly..yours is 8 dec 2006. hehe. wow, are you excited? do keep me update about your wedding at HR okie? thanks thanks.
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    Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

    hey chelsa, so you will be booking at HR also? if yes, then i got to change date already. (:
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    Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

    dear all, I'm most probably taking HR. my wedding date will also fall on dec 2007 and most probably be on a 8th dec. Hope to hear any comment? Thanks alot.